Highlights of IBM Think 2019

As noted in a previous post, I attended IBM’s Think 2019 conference in San Francisco earlier this month. For four days I listened to all types of presenters, met with IBM and partner representatives, talked to people in all kinds of industries, and finally met in person a fintech-verse friend I have known for many…

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I’ll Be Attending the 2019 IBM Think Conference

For the past several years I’ve been fortunate to be able to attend many banking and fintech related conferences. One of the drawbacks to going back to these conferences has been that they all tend to cover the same ground year in and year out. Last year, I began to venture outside the comforts of…

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The Amazon Blockchain: Revolutionary or Hype?

Recently, Amazon announced their entry into the world of blockchain. Their announcement has confused many people, including myself.  The confusion comes from a dual announcement which introduced a database service, that includes a few blockchain-like features, along with their “Amazon Managed Blockchain.” The intriguing database service is explained as follows: “If you need a centralized…

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